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    Байкчек Бруно Хоффманна 2016

    Байкчек Бруно Хоффманна 2016
    24 авг

    Frame: Federal Bruno V.2, 21”, metallic green
    Fork: Federal Liquid
    Bars: Federal Bruno
    Stem: Éclat Dune
    Grips: Éclat signature Bruno
    Barends: Éclat Corx V2 w/ steel insert
    Headset: Éclat Cargo
    Clamp: integrated
    Seatpost: Éclat Torch Pivotal
    Seat: Federal slim seat prototype
    Pedals: Federal Contact
    Cranks: Éclat Tibia 165mm
    Sprocket: Éclat AK Guard, 25-T
    Chain: Éclat Diesel
    Front Tire: Éclat signature tire Predator 2.30”
    Front Wheel: Éclat Dynamic hub with nylon guards, Éclat Bondi XL rim
    Rear Tire: Éclat Predator 2.30”
    Rear Wheel: Éclat Cortex Freecoaster with plastic guards, Éclat Bondi Xl rim
    Pegs: Éclat Venom 4 nylon/fiberglass 

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