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    Байкчек Девона Смайлли 2016

    Байкчек Девона Смайлли 2016
    24 авг

    Frame: Flybikes FUEGO V3 21″
    Fork: Flybikes Agua
    Bar: Flybikes FUEGO 9″
    Stem: Eclat Slattery
    Headset: Eclat Cargo
    Grips: Flybikes Devon Smillie
    Seat: Flybikes Devon Smillie
    Post: Flybikes Tripod
    Cranks: Eclat ONYX 24mm 170mm
    BB: Eclat 22mm MID
    Pedals: Eclat CONTRA 
    Sprocket: Eclat Vent Guard 25t
    Chain: Eclat Stroke
    Rims: Eclat BONDI XL
    Front Hub: Eclat Dynamic with Nylon Guards
    Rear Hub: Eclat Cortex Freecoaster LSD with Gong Nylon Guard
    Spokes: Eclat Stainless
    Tires: Flybikes Ruben
    Pegs: Eclat Venom pegs 4.5″

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