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    Байкчек Джастина Сприета 2015

    Байкчек Джастина Сприета 2015
    07 дек

    Байкчек Джастина Сприета за 2015 год на его прототипе рамы Fit под названием “Thankyou frame” (21″ top tube).

    bmx bar

    fit frame

    odsy hub

    pivotal seat

    bmx sprocket

    bmx pedals

    odsy rear hub

    odyssey tyre


    Frame: My prototype signature frame from Fit called the “Thankyou frame” (21″ top tube).
    Fork: Fit SHIV V.3
    Bars: Fit Vandlebars
    Stem: Odyssey Sexton
    Grips: S&M Hoder
    Barends: Odyssey par ends
    Headset: Odyssey
    Clamp: Integrated
    Seatpost: Odyssey Pivotal
    Seat: Odyssey Retro Pivotal
    Pedals: Fit Mac PC
    Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt 175mm
    Sprocket: Odyssey La Guardia 25-Tooth
    Chain: Shadow half-link
    Front Tire: Odyssey Dugan 2.3”
    Front Wheel: Odyssey 7KA rim, Odyssey Antigram hub, and Gsport plastics guards
    Rear Tire: Odyssey Dugan 2.3”
    Rear Wheel: Odyssey 7KA rim, Odyssey LHD Clutch coaster
    Pegs: No idea. Someone gave them to me and had no clue what they are [laughs]

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