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    Байкчек Майка Хинкенса 2016

    Байкчек Майка Хинкенса 2016
    24 авг

    Frame: FBM Hardway – 21”
    Fork: FBM CB4K
    Bars: FBM Black Flag 4-Piece – 9” rise
    Grips: Vans X Cult Flangeless and Odyssey Par-ends
    Stem: Madera Mast Stem – 48mm
    Headset: FBM
    Hubs: Madera. Front – Pilot w/14mm hex studs. Rear – V.2 – 14mm GDH Chromo Axle, 9t Titanium driver (RHD)
    Guards: Front – Madera C4 Guards. Rear – Madera drive side (steel) and FBM non-drive side (steel)
    Cranks: Profile 165mm – mid bb
    Sprocket: Madera Signet Bash Sprocket – 25t spline drive
    Pedals: Eclat AK Plastic
    Chain: Shadow V2 Interlock
    Seat: Madera Mid Pivotal
    Post: FBM
    Tires: BSD Donasqueaks
    Pegs: 4.5” Animal Steel OR 4.4” Stolen Plastics 

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