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    Байкчек Nick Bullen

    Байкчек Nick Bullen
    10 сен

    Frame- Subrosa Villicus 20.5″
    Forks- Subrosa Villicus
    Bars- Subrosa Villicus 9.25″ (Uncut & Slightly Chicago)
    Bar Ends- Subrosa Bitchin’
    Headset- Subrosa Bitchin’ (1/8th spacer)
    Grips- ODI Longnecks
    Stem- Subrosa Forever Topload
    Cranks- Subrosa Bitchin’ 175mm
    Pedals- Shadow PC’s
    Sprocket- Mosh Bash Guard 30t
    Chain- KMC
    Tires- Subrosa Grave Diggers 2.3
    Pegs- Subrosa Power Pegs
    Sleeves- Shadow Slicker Sleeves
    Seat- Subrosa Venom Denim
    Post- Shadow Pivotal
    BB- Subrosa Bitchin’ 19mm
    Front Wheel- Subrosa Posi-Trac hub w/ Chromoly guards
    – Shadow Stun Rim
    -Black nipples & stainless spokes
    Rear Wheel- Subrosa Posi-Trac Cassette 9t
    – Odyssey Hazard lite Rim
    – Subrosa Chromoly Non-Drive side guard
    – Daily Grind Drive side Chromoly guard
    – Black nipples & Stainless spokes

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