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    Байкчек Олли Шилдса 2016

    Байкчек Олли Шилдса 2016
    24 авг

    Cult Trey Jones Zellwood frame Clear Raw 20.75″

    Cult Mid bottom bracket Black 19mm
    Cult headset Black
    Cult Cranks Black 175mm
    Cult OS Guard sprocket Black 28 tooth
    Cult Salvation V2 stem Black 51mm reach
    Cult AK bars Black 9″
    Cult Sect IC forks Black 10mm
    Cult Match Rim Black anodised 36 hole front and back
    Cult LHD V2 Match cassette hub Black 9 tooth
    Cult AK tyre All black 2.50″
    Cult AK Pivotal seat Black
    Cult Butter 115mm plastic peg x4
    Cult Faith grips Black
    Cult Half link chain Black
    Cult Female front wheel Black hub with black rim 10mm

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