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    Bike Check Morgan Long

    Bike Check Morgan Long
    10 июнь

    Frame: Fit MAC 21.125”
    Fork: Fit Blade 2
    Bars: Fit Skyscraper
    Stem: Stolen TLC
    Grips: Fit Tech
    Barends: Stolen alloy
    Headset: Stolen Implant
    Clamp: integrated
    Seatpost: Stolen Tuner
    Seat: Stolen Kushin
    Pedals: Stolen Thermalite SP
    Cranks: Stolen Team 22 mm 170 mm
    Sprocket: Stolen Sumo 28-tooth
    Chain: Stolen Balland
    Front Tire: Stolen Joint 2.3”
    Front Wheel: Stolen Roulette with a Stolen Flip hub
    Rear Tire: Stolen Joint 2.3”
    Rear Wheel: Stolen Roulette with BSD hub

    Fit MAC 21.125” frame

    stolen sticker

    Fork Fit Blade 2

    stolen front hub

    stolen cranks

    dropouts bmx, chain shadow


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