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    JASON WATTS Байкчек

    JASON WATTS Байкчек
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    JASON WATTS Байкчек
    Frame: Haro SDv2 21" top tube.
    Fork: Haro Lineage forks (Invest cast)
    Handlebar: Haro Lineage bars 9.5 high by 29 wide (Sample)
    Stem: Haro Lineage front load stem
    Cranks: Premium 1948 spline drive
    Pedals: Premium Slim plastics
    Sprocket: Haro Lineage 28t
    Wheels: Profile gator hubs with fly rims and Cult tires
    Pegs: Premium Chadow pegs
    Grips: ODI
    Steat: Premium Skull seat
    Chain: Shadow half link

    JASON WATTS BikecheckJASON WATTS BikecheckJASON WATTS Bikecheck cranksJASON WATTS Bikecheck stem

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