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    Joe Battaglia bike check

    Joe Battaglia bike check
    13 июнь

    FRAME: Ketch Bikes “The BAG’Z” (my signature frame): 20.85” TT, 75” HT, 12.8”-13.375, 71” SA, weight 4 lb. 3.3 oz.
    FORK: Odyssey R25
    HEADSET: Haro integrated
    BARS: Standard Strip Bars 9” rise
    GRIPS: ODI Longneck
    STEM: Profile Push 48mm
    SEAT: Premium
    SEAT POST: My prototype frame has a built-in pivotal post, production models will have a built in seat post clamp
    CRANKS: Profile 175
    SPROCKET: Profile spline-drive
    PEDALS: Premium slim PC
    CHAIN: KMC half link
    REAR WHEEL: G-Sport hub laced to Odyssey Aerospace
    FRONT WHEEL: Odyssey Vandero hub laced to a Odyssey Aerospace
    PEGS: N/A
    REAR TIRE: Demolition Momentum 20×2.20
    FRONT TIRE: Demolition Momentum 20×2.35

    ketch bikes frame

    ketch frame bmx

    STEM: Profile Push 48mm

    SEAT: Premium

    gsport rear hub

    premium bmx pedals

    momentum tyres

    profile cranks new

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