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    GoPro BMX Bike Riding in NYC 2

    Билли Перри насмотрелся видосов Найджела и решил, что он ничуть не хуже, разве что драгоценности померить не может, и на вертолёте покататься... Главное, что Билли в этом видео гоняет по Нью-Йорку и снимает это всё на ГоуПро от первого лица. И теперь у вас есть возможно на 10 минут почувствовать себя райдером Нью-Йорка.

    Point of View solo bike ride in Midtown NYC featuring BMX rider Billy Perry. Dodging cars and security guards, hitting amazing spots in midtown, as well as hopping on and over everything along the way.
    This is part 2 of my NYC GoPro Series taken place in Midtown, New York City. This took 2 hours to film, and it was sick to ride these spots that are pretty untouched due to security guards being at the window or standing on the spot 24/7. Many traffic laws were broken during the filming of this video, please do not ride like this. This was filmed on a GoPro Hero 3+ with a chest mount. Subscribe to my channel for more GoPro and BMX videos.

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