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    Сегодня компания GoPro представила свою новую камеру GoPro HERO5

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    Россия, республика Кабардино-Балкария, село Эльтюбю.

    Российская команда Extreme Family вернулись из 9-дневной роуп-экспедиции во время которой покорила неописуемо красивый объект гора «Лестница» во всем известном Чегемском ущелье.

    Нам удалось не только попрыгать соло, но совершить two-way роуп+бейс!

    Высота экзита 250 метров! И это высота только отвесной стенки над выполаживанием, которое добавляет еще около 100 метров. Высота над уровнем моря около 2000 метров.
    Глубина падения составила 220 метров! Из них свободного 160 метров! 8 секунд свободного падения!
    Нам удалось не только попрыгать соло, но совершить two-way (двойной прыжок) роуп+бейс!

    Miles Daisher and the aerial artists of the Red Bull Air Force are back for more adventures that take them higher, further, and faster than they could imagine. These professional pilots are blowing the possibilities of human flight wide open.

    Human flight artist Uli Emanuele has brought to life another one of his sensational dreams, to fly through a ring of fire. With the help of some friends they cart the heavy metal contraption high into the Italian Alps. With a little improvisation the support crew get everything ready just as the wind slows allowing Uli to soar through the flaming circle.

    The boys with the skills behind the camera (cheers for the jumps and footage!):Daddo, Trent Conroy, Sam Hardy, Woody, Andy Lewis
    Thanks heaps to Phoenix-fly for making such awesome and fun suits to fly.
    Song: Fools Gold - Stone Roses

    There is something truly majestic and somewhat eerie about the Matterhorn. After a short 3-day visit to Zermatt, Switzerland, I saw the fascination behind this mountain and began to understand why so many people have risked their lives climbing it. The Matterhorn is captivating and it’s hard to take your eyes off it (and my camera).

    We visited during the 150th anniversary of the first ascent. In the video you will see lights up the side of mountain in the night time-lapses. This is the route the first explorers took to reach the summit.

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    Iceland is quickly becoming a second home for me; I’ve traveled there 20 times and this Island never seems to disappoint. The landscapes are dotted with glaciers, waterfalls and ice formations, and the photographic opportunities are endless. Despite the weather being cold and unforgiving, the challenges that present themselves are well worth dealing with in order to experience all that Iceland has to offer. I recently took a trip to seek out unclaimed climbing formations and empty surf line-ups. We spent 10 days on the road driving into the unknown. In this episode of ON THE ROAD with Chris Burkard I'll take you on our journey to one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world: Iceland.

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