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    Atomic Airtime I BLANK CANVAS, Nordkette

    For the last installment of this year’s Atomic Airtime episodes, our park crew had 10000 cubic meters of snow and 7 days - to shape and ski the quintessential freeski playground, perched on the flank of Nordkette, high above the city of Innsbruck in Austria. Instead of skiing at an already shaped and set-up park, we also involved our entire social media community and fans around the world to tell us what features they’d like to see built. Their social interactions shaped the Blank Canvas.

    The audacious Blank Canvas project offered Jossi Wells, Nicky Keefer, Jackson Wells, Lucas Stål-Madison, Beau-James Wells and Dennis Ranalter the chance to create distinctively rad and boundless features that many freeskiers dream of. Over one week they built and shredded a plethora of hits, jibs and transitions; transforming the Blank Canvas of snow into their own masterpiece; one might even call it a form of four-dimensional artwork...

    Song: Chapter Three - The Great American Game - Instrumental

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