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    Who is JOB 5.0 - Tandem Surfing and Blobbing with Bikini Babes - Ep 6

    Tandem surfing at the deadliest wave in the world? Why not!! That's just what Jamie O'Brien and Poopies attempt in the latest episode of Who Is JOB 5.0. Plus, sewer surfing is back and Team Grom will blob you into orbit from the top of Waimea Rock.

    Music:Gary James Robinson; Lisa Julieanne Fitzgibbon-Smythe – Fly (Radical Project Remix)Aaron Bruno – Run (Clean)Aaron Bruno – Windows (Clean)The Wanton Bishops – Shake#beats 0 Beat#2Suhler, Jim/Manning, Terry – Rattlesnake BiteIncan Abraham – All You Want

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